I am motivated to create BEAUTIFUL OBJECTS inspired by things that I love


There are so many elements that inspire my ideas. Growing up in the Welsh countryside, immersed in nature, has had a major impact on my work. Seeing flowers in their natural habitat, set in little country lanes, around waterfalls and wild mountains, I have an inherent understanding of the balance of nature and seasons and their unique magical qualities. I am always in awe when I go ‘home’ to North Wales and see new things that inspire me every time. I really believe that this appreciation of the beauty of nature was instilled in me from a young age, and it has led to a subsequent understanding of beauty in the simple things.


I am motivated to create beautiful objects inspired by things that I love. Old fabrics and wallpapers, ceramics, lace and embroidery, I guess you could say anything with pattern or texture. My colour palettes are very much influenced by these elements. Flowers in their natural habitat offer so much inspiration right on our doorstep. I love the British countryside and I strive to promote its enchanting qualities.

The way I use colour and texture really defines my work. I notice detail and sustain a design element throughout each process. My background in textiles in an integral part of my work, I visualise how different flowers work together as I would in a painting, pattern or sculpture.

I stay true to my own vision and style. I am truly inspired by so many makers, florists and illustrators, but ultimately I have my own idea of how I want things to look and it’s very instinctive.
I gather inspiration, I draw, photograph and put mood boards together. I create flowers individually, line them up and then spend time on the composition as a florist would, putting a bouquet or arrangement together. It’s about the balance of light, shade, texture and scale.